Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day One: Pimp Your Sign

Today while completing the arduous task that is laundry, I noticed a new posting on the bulletin board in my apartment's complex. It was a single page of notebook paper advertising the sale of a beginners NERF gun (I can't imagine the training one completes to become intermediate). It also advertised the sale of a few air soft guns.

My roommate Haylee had the idea to grab it and bring it to our apartment where we pimped the sign to give it a little pizzazz (jazz hands!).

After making a completely amazing sign(done mainly by Haylee while I provided both cheese and moral support), we re-posted it anonymously back where it came from. With a smile.

This spurred us to start this blog. It was kind of a ridiculous and fun random act of kindness, but who knows what impact it may have on the kid who posted that sign. Haylee's convinced the kid is going to take it down and demand the old one back :)

And so, from here on out, for 365 days, we commit to doing one small random act of kindness per day and post it here. Over and out.